Saturday, May 20, 2017

Software => AI => $1T

Nvidia CEO: Software Is Eating the World, but AI Is Going to Eat Software - MIT Technology Review
"(Nvidia CEO) Jensen Huang predicts that health care and autos are going to be transformed by artificial intelligence.
Tech companies and investors have recently been piling money into artificial intelligence—and plenty has been trickling down to chip maker Nvidia. The company’s revenues have climbed as it has started making hardware customized for machine-learning algorithms and use cases such as autonomous cars."

Software is still eating the world | TechCrunch
"Marc Andreessen penned his famous “Why Software Is Eating the World” essay in The Wall Street Journal five years ago. Today, the idea that “every company needs to become a software company” is considered almost a cliché....
Six decades into the computer revolution, four decades since the invention of the microprocessor, and two decades into the rise of the modern Internet, all of the technology required to transform industries through software finally works and can be widely delivered at global scale.”

"More and more major businesses and industries are being run on software and delivered as online services—from movies to agriculture to national defense. Many of the winners are Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurial technology companies that are invading and overturning established industry structures. Over the next 10 years, I expect many more industries to be disrupted by software, with new world-beating Silicon Valley companies doing the disruption in more cases than not."

"I am telling you, the world's first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives and applies it in ways we never thought of," Cuban said."

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI - MIT Technology Review

Microsoft Bot Framework:Adaptive Cards

Microsoft/AdaptiveCards: A new way for developers to exchange card content in a common and consistent way.

"Adaptive Cards are a new way for developers to exchange card content in a common and consistent way."

Adaptive Cards (examples)

Adaptive Cards (JSON)