Monday, August 06, 2012

Scaling Dropbox: from 4k to 40 million

Scaling lessons learned at Dropbox: from 4k to 40 million


Keep everything in UTC internally! Server times, stuff in the database, etc. This will save lots of headaches, and not just daylight savings time. Some software just doesn’t even handle non-UTC time properly, so don’t do it! We kept a clock on the wall set to UTC. When you want to display times to a user, make the timezone conversion happen at the last second.

NASA Mars Curiosity landed


NASA mission to Mars: Rover Curiosity touches down - The Washington Post
"NASA’s rover Curiosity touched down deep in a Martian crater early Monday after a picture-perfect descent and landing, beginning what promises to be one of the most ambitious planetary missions in history."



SVG World Map


SVG World Map