Sunday, July 30, 2023

C# Dev Kit for VS Code

Announcing C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Blog

The C# Dev Kit is designed to enhance your C# productivity when you’re working in VS Code. It works together with the C# extension, which has been updated to be powered by a new fully open-source Language Server Protocol (LSP) host, creating a performant, extensible, and flexible tooling environment that easily integrates new experiences into C# for VS Code

C# Dev Kit - Visual Studio Marketplace

C# Dev Kit consists of:
  • The C# extension, which provides base language services support and continues to be maintained independent of this effort.
  • C# Dev Kit extension, which builds from the foundations of Visual Studio to provide solution management, templates, and test discovery/debugging.
  • The IntelliCode for C# Dev Kit extension (optional), which brings AI-powered development to the editor.