Thursday, August 16, 2012

World's Tallest Building... In Just 90 Days?!

Sky City: Chinese Company BSB to Build the World's Tallest Building... In Just 90 Days?! | Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

"Even since the current world’s tallest builing – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai – was completed, there has been a constant battle to build the world’s next tallest building. The current record holder stands tall at 828 meters and took five years to build, but a Chinese company called Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) aims to smash that record by building the 838 meter eco-friendly Sky City tower, in Changsa, China in a mere 90 days – and they’re planning to use prefab building techniques to construct the skyscraper so quickly!"

Giant 3-D Printer to Make An Entire House in 20 Hours | Popular Science

Giant 3-D Printer to Make An Entire House in 20 Hours | Popular Science

"Storage Spaces": new feature in Windows 8

Features new to Windows 8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"Storage Spaces is a storage virtualization technology which succeeds Logical Disk Manager and allows the organization of physical disks into logical volumes similar to Logical Volume Manager (Linux), RAID1 or RAID5, but on a higher level.

A storage space will behave like a physical disk to the user, with thin provisioning of available disk space. The spaces are organized within a storage pool, i.e. a collection of physical disks, which can span multiple disks of different sizes and different interfaces (USB, SATA, SAS). The process of adding new disks or replacing failed or older disks is fully automatic, but can be controlled with PowerShell commands. The same storage pool can host multiple storage spaces. Storage Spaces have built-in resiliency from disk failures, which is achieved by either mirroring or striping with parity across the physical disks. Each storage pool on the ReFS filesystem is limited to 4 PB (4096 TB), but there are no limits on the total number of storage pools or the number of storage spaces within a pool."

This feature is included in "classic" versions of Windows 8 (Basic, Pro, Enterprise), not in tablet (Windows RT)