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Windows API: speech to text, text to speech

Speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech, and speech synthesis in C# - CodeProject

"This article explains speech recognition, speech to text, text to speech and speech synthesis in C#."

Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) 5.3 @ MSDN

c# - Using System.Speech to convert mp3 file to text - Stack Overflow

Barcode, QR code generators

Barcode @ Wikipedia

Universal Product Code - Wikipedia

Free Online Barcode Generator (1)

Free Online Barcode Generator (2)

Free Online Barcode Generator: Make a Custom Barcode in Seconds @

QR Code Generator - Same Day Shipping. Low Prices, Always.

cloud: AWS: Amazon WorkSpaces

AWS | Amazon WorkSpaces:

"Amazon WorkSpaces is a managed desktop computing service in the cloud. Amazon WorkSpaces allows customers to easily provision cloud-based desktops that allow end-users to access the documents, applications and resources they need with the device of their choice, including laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablets, and zero clients.
half the cost of most virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions.
Amazon WorkSpaces offers a choice of bundles providing different amounts of CPU, memory, and storage so you can match your Amazon WorkSpaces to your requirements. Amazon WorkSpaces offers preinstalled applications (including Microsoft Office) or you can bring your own licensed software."

Steve Jobs Patents, decommoditize for success

Steve Jobs Has Won 141 Patents Since His Death - Business Insider

Some complain that:
"...many of Jobs’s patents are on designs—like the look and feel of the iPhone—not on more substantial technical advances..."

That may be exactly what is needed for products to succeed (decommoditize!), by attention to "user experience" (UX), human-interface and production "details". In a word: "excellence", not just "brute force" and "cloning" efficiency.

"You can continuously decommoditize anything! If you have a product, wrap a service wrapper around it. If you have a service, wrap another service wrapper around it. Ask yourself, “What product or service do we have where we’re competing on price? What are the strategies we can implement to decommoditize that product and/or service?”

Remember, once you do it, your competitors will copy you, so you have continually decommoditize. That’s one of the surest paths to higher margins and higher profits."

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Tesla Motors: 70% wants "D"

Demand for Tesla Motors, Inc.'s Dual-Motor Vehicles Is "Off the Charts" -

"Demand for the P85D is off the charts," Musk said. "We're seeing a very high proportion of orders for all-wheel drive, either P85D or 85D (which has smaller, equal-sized electric motors front and rear), so 70%-plus of our cars will be dual-motor.""

How reliable are hard drives?

Who makes the most reliable hard drives? | ExtremeTech:

"...Backblaze, an all-you-can-eat online backup company... currently has around 28,000 hard drives powered up and constantly spinning, storing a total of around 80,000 terabytes (80 petabytes) of user data... As of the end of December 2013, Backblaze had 12,765 Seagate drives, 12,956 Hitachi drives, and 2,838 Western Digital drives."

Hard drive failure rate, plotted by monthHard drive annual failure rate, broken down by maker (Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital) and size

d3.js: Animation & Interaction

Learning D3 Part 3: Animation & Interaction | Synthesis | Scott Becker:

D3 and UI animations – Design Research

animations and transitions | Jerome Cukier

Data Visualization and D3.js - Udacity

D3.js Tips and Tricks: Update d3.js Data Dynamically (Automatically)

Arrays · mbostock/d3 Wiki:
"Nesting allows elements in an array to be grouped into a hierarchical tree structure; think of it like the GROUP BY operator in SQL, except you can have multiple levels of grouping, and the resulting output is a tree rather than a flat table. The levels in the tree are specified by key functions."

Data Visualization and D3.js - Nest function @ Udacity

D3 nest examples @

Maps Visualization, GeoJSON, TopoJSON

mapschool: a free introduction to geo:

Ogre - ogr2ogr web client
Ogre is a web client (service) that translates spatial files into GeoJSON using the ogr2ogr command line tool for use in JavaScript web applications and frameworks.

Interactive Visualization

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view.:

The Jobless Rate for People Like You - Interactive Graphic -

Data Visualization and D3.js @ Udacity

Life Expectancy v. Per Capita GDP, 2007