Tuesday, June 10, 2014

IoT World - MIPS CPU for Internet of Things

IoT World - Rich Quinnell - MIPS Targeting the Internet of Things:

"The widely licensed ARM architecture has gotten the lion's share of publicity among processors. Now a multivendor rival is entering the fray. The MIPS architecture, popular in the home electronics and media player markets, is stepping up to claim a role in the Internet of Things."

IoT: Google: New Network for Internet of Things

Here comes another interesting "Project X":

Google Exec: Internet of Things Requires 'Brand New Network' | Light Reading:

The Internet of Things will require telecom operators to turn their networks upside-down, believes Google Developer Advocate Don Dodge.

He picked on a TV commercial from Verizon Wireless showing a pole in the middle of an agricultural field. "It's got a cell phone -- not duct taped to it, but it's attached. And they use a cell phone to transmit the data from the sensor to the server at $40 a month. So how do you do that when you have a sensor on the dumpster that's only sending kilobytes of information maybe once a day, or maybe once a week? You can't spend $40 a month for that," he noted.

"What we're going to have to do is build a brand new network, because up to now Cisco and all the networking guys have focused on very high bandwidth, very high throughput, very high quality, but that's the opposite of what you need for the Internet of Things," Dodge said.

Reported plans to launch 180 satellites could provide significant competition in the developing world and rural areas.

Google has spent $500 million to buy Skybox Imaging, a company that uses small satellites to transmit high-resolution images from space. Tuesday’s announcement comes just two months after Google acquired Titan Aerospace, which beams Internet signals from high-altitude drones.

"Deep learning" on the Raspberry Pi

Deep learning on the Raspberry Pi! « Pete Warden's blog:
port the Deep Belief image recognition SDK to the Raspberry Pi!
...can process a frame in around three seconds, largely thanks to heavy use of the embedded GPU for heavy lifting on the math side. ... custom assembler programs for the Pi’s 12 parallel ‘QPU’ processors,


tool: TextQL

dinedal/textql · GitHub:

"Allows you to easily execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV."

ASP.NET vNext, Visual Studio 14

An early release of next version of ASP.NET, re-built around Roslyn  compiler.

ASP.NET vNext : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site:

Reconciling ASP.NET vNext with Damian Edwards on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast

Visual Studio "14" CTP Downloads
  • ASP.NET vNext
  • Roslyn
  • Cordova (PhoneGap) integration 
  • Azure integration 
  • ...
Should be installed on a "clean VM" since it is not side-by-side with VS 2013.