Saturday, December 14, 2013

Freebase data, API, MQL (Metaweb Query Language)

MQL Overview - Freebase API — Google Developers:
"The MQL Read and MQL Write APIs provides access to the Freebase database using the Metaweb query language (MQL)."

Freebase, now owned and used by Google, is essentially realization of limited Semantic Web based on data from available sources, such as Wikipedia / Wikidata.

It is apparently implemented as a graph system (database?)
and it also has own query language MQL, based on JavaScript and returning JSON.

As expected, there is also ontology (vocabulary, taxonomy, metaschema)
used for schema and queries.

The raw data are also available as RDF triples data-dumps.

Freebase data is used for Google search results (Knowledge Graph),
and even Microsoft Bing is using Freebase data from their "snapshots".
Being a Super Villain Just Got Easier with Bing Snapshots - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

pluralsight "Play by Play"

Play by Play: Scott Allen and Dan Wahlin - @pluralsight:
"Have you ever wished that you could sit next to a skilled developer or designer as they develop an application from scratch at their own speed with their own choice of tools? In this series, we give talented developers a project to work on from scratch. We talk through it as they design and develop in real time for about 2 hours. Scott and Dan use pair programming to tackle a project with AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Web API..."

It is fascinating to see progress of evolution in online learning. Pluralsight has a very good business model, and is in fact innovating quickly.

While idea of MOOCs is noble and important, without real market feedback its progress will be limited. Udacity is already trying to adjust, but for a different market...

Bootstrap is very useful, but not enough for developers :)

ScanSnap – Evernote Edition Scanner

ScanSnap – Evernote Edition Scanner

a purpose-built scanner by Fujutsu, integrated with Evernote,
expensive ($495), and apparently a great product...