Sunday, June 02, 2024

book: Tidy First, by Kent Beck

AI Pilot, Human Copilot?

Apparently NVIDIA is already using AI tools to solve technical challenges autonomously
and occasionally asking humans for help and clarifications.

So roles have quickly changing, humans acting as copilots, for now at least, until AGI?

Practical example: self-driving Uber cars in San Francisco, when stuck in complicated traffic,
"calling back" for remote human to "take over".

Sarcastic comment: programmers are automating somebody else's jobs for long time now,
and now they are being automated. 

.NET Rocks! The Nomadic AI Developer with Aaron Erickson podcast

Aaron Erickson | LinkedIn "Training New Foundation Models for GPU Observability"
senior manager at NVIDIA

'Robo-Taxi Takeover' Hits Speed Bumps | Scientific American

nVidia CUDA 

As many as 10 Cruise driverless cars stopped working in San Francisco’s North Beach on Friday night, causing traffic to back up and leaving some questioning the decision of state regulators a day earlier to approve the expanded use of robotaxis in the city.

California DMV suspends Cruise’s driverless taxis in S.F., citing safety concerns

what is that mess on the roof of the car?