Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Smooth CoffeeScript

CoffeeScript compiler is now written in CoffeeScript, that compiles to JavaScript.
That means it can run in any web browser, as well as in node.js server.
(Original compiler was first written in Ruby).

With portability (and current popularity) of HTML5, that is based on JavaScript,
CoffeeScript has a potential to become the most popular programming languages...

coffeescript.org is an amazing web site,
where complete language reference and interactive tutorial is implemented
as a single web page: one .html, one .js and one .css file!
That includes a complete annotated source of the compiler, too!

This is a "brave new world" compared to "classic CS training" that we know.
The same CS techniques are still used, parsers, generators etc,
but all an interactive environment that is simple to use and test!

Free e-book: Smooth CoffeeScript (without solutions)

and With Solutions

Online book, with an advanced reader (turning pages as real paper),
also available as HTML5 and PDF...

Or just watch video presentation by CoffeeScript creator Jeremy Ashkenas @InfoQ

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