Saturday, January 20, 2018

AI book free Microsoft: The Future Computed

Photo of a stack of books entitled "The Future Computed"
The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and its role in society - The Official Microsoft Blog

foreword by Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, and Harry Shum, Executive Vice President of Microsoft AI and Research Group

"The Future Computed PDF" is available here and additional content related to the book can be found here.

Upspin: global namespace for files

Rob Pike, co-creator of UTF-8 and GoLang, presents "global namespace for files" Upspin

Gopherfest 2017: Upspin (Rob Pike) - YouTube

Upspin architecture · Upspin

Upspin Overview · Upspin

"Upspin provides a global name space to name all your files. Given an Upspin name, a file can be shared securely, copied efficiently without “download” and “upload”, and accessed from anywhere that has a network connection.
Its target audience is personal users, families or groups of friends. Although it might have application in corporate environments, that is not its motivation.
Upspin provides a uniform naming mechanism for all data, along with easy-to-understand and easy-to-use secure sharing, as well as end-to-end encryption that guarantees privacy."

Every Upspin file name has the same basic structure. It begins with the user’s name—an email address—followed by a slash-separated Unix-like path name.
For example,

Upspin · Upspin

Google Online Security Blog: Another option for file sharing