Friday, January 17, 2014

Moore's new law: "big data leads to big science"

Gordon Moore Giving Big to Big Data Scientists - IEEE Spectrum:
"Moore’s new law is that big data will lead to big science. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation plans to give US$1.5 million grants (in $200 000 to $300 000 yearly installments) to 15 worthy interdisciplinary scientists who can develop and use new algorithms, machine learning techniques, and other data-intensive science tricks to turn huge volumes of data into amazing scientific discoveries. "

course: Introduction to Genetics - Udacity

Not only computing MOOCs anymore... is it all "big data" anyway...

Tales from the Genome, Introduction to Genetics - Udacity:
"This course is a journey into the biology of the human genome and will highlight the scientific, social, and personal perspectives of people living with a variety of traits"

23andMe and Udacity Launch ‘Massive Online Open Course’ in Human Genetics | Dark Daily

Neo4j - Online Training Course

Neo4j - The World's Leading Graph Database - Online Course:
(free) 4 hours of interactive, engaging learning to get familiar with Neo4j. With this online course you can control your progress at your own leisure and pause and resume at any time.

IBM DB2 NoSQL Graph Store

IBM DB2 NoSQL Support:

NoSQL Graph Store
Graph data is becoming more commonplace thanks to developments like the adoption of the W3C's Resource Description Framework (RDF). There are many challenges associated with the traditional way graph data is mapped to a relation table, including the need for a significant number of self-joins and poor performance.

The NoSQL Graph Store feature addresses these challenges by providing you with an optimized way to store graph triples inside DB2, and is available for all editions of DB2.


It is interesting that while Neo4j declares RDF to be impractical, both IBM and Oracle have support for such "triple stores" in their mainstream databases.