Sunday, April 08, 2012

Node.js @ Windows Azure

Node.js - Develop

Microsoft is actively helping node.js project to support Windows
as "first class supported platform", and offering node.js as one of platforms on Azure.

Getting started...

This presentation @ InfoQ ("Operating Node.js in Production")
by VP of engineering at Joyent company that "owns" node.js,
the claim is that great support for node.js can only be on SmartOS, the OS that the same company owns, since good debugging tools for node.js are only available at SmartOS...

Introduction to Node.js with Ryan Dahl @ YouTube

InfoQ Wisdom: The Sequential "Prison"

A very interesting historical perceptive on design of programs and computers,
and some insightful suggestions how how to better design for parallelism,
both hardware and software.

Design of today's computers is still based on constraints of vacuum tubes.
And there are some better ways to utilize transistors as they are available now...

Also, "the language matters". We can think about things that we can describe.
Need right vocabulary / words to match the situation...

InfoQ: The Sequential Prison:

"Ivan Sutherland elaborates on the idea of a “prison” 
defined by sequential computers that work 
with sequential character strings making communication 
expensive and obstructing concurrency. "

Java Cloud PaaS Comparison @ InfoQ

InfoQ: Java in the Cloud - PaaS Platform in Comparison:

"Eberhard Wolff introduces Cloud Computing, IaaS/PaaS, comparing the Java support provided by Google GAE, Amazon Beanstalk, VMware Cloud Foundry, and Cloud Bees."

A systematic overview or IaaS, PaaS (no SaaS) options for Java...

Java @ Azure was not mentioned, since maybe it was not available at that time.
Java is now one of the options available @ Windows Azure...

Windows Project Glass: One day too... - YouTube

Windows Project Glass: One day too... - YouTube: ""