Friday, January 25, 2013

Enyo JS

About | Enyo JS

Once an essential part of Palm/HP WebOS,
Enyo is now a (free open source) JavaScript tool/library.
"Object Oriented JS Application Framework"

While it produces HTML, that is done by API, not markup.

Is anybody using it?
Apparently it is being used...
Surprisingly, it is listed on besides their own jqMobi tool

There are also presentations about Enyo on

And HP is still a sponsor...
There is even many open job positions in HP for WebOS

What is going on with HP? Likely answer: "Cloud", whatever it means...

There is a similar "framework" for long time, called Laszlo Original goal was easy creating Flash apps, that evolved to "DHTML" apps. (They didn't change terminology, no HTML5, just DHTML...)

Anyway, diversity is good...