Friday, June 03, 2022

WSA: Windows Subsystem for Android (with Amazon Appstore)

Develop with Windows Subsystem for Android - Surface Duo Blog

Windows Subsystem for Android™️ | Microsoft Docs

Windows Subsystem for Android™️ enables your Windows 11 device to run Android applications that are available in the Amazon Appstore.

Update to Windows Subsystem for Android™ on Windows 11 for Windows Insiders | Windows Insider Blog

Android on Windows 11: Is it worth the effort? | ZDNet

"be prepared to be underwhelmed by the extremely limited selection of apps.

Although there are many apps in the Amazon Appstore, the overwhelming majority are games.

The Windows Subsystem for Android was designed for use on touch-enabled tablets, not on PCs driven by a keyboard and mouse."

Biggest app stores in the world 2021 | Statista

The Amazon Appstore offers approximately 476,00 Android apps to worldwide audiences

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