Thursday, February 15, 2018

security free certificates: Let's Encrypt + IIS, Azure; AWS

An excellent article by Rick Strahl with instructions for setting up free SSL/TLS with IIS web server.

Let's Encrypt Certificates TLS - Securing IIS Web Sites with Let's Encrypt Certificates
@ CODE magazine

"TLS is no longer an option but a necessity for any website, large and small. And now, with new tooling and free certificates available from Let’s Encrypt and a few other providers, there’s no longer any excuse to not use encrypted HTTP, even on small hobby or sample sites. Anything public should just run on HTTPS. Setting up a new certificate, even on Windows and IIS can now literally be done in a few minutes and the renewal process can be fully automated. It’s essentially fire and forget."
"Certify the Web provides a nice GUI for managing certificates along with some advanced options and support features..."

"Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority."

Troy Hunt: Everything you need to know about loading a free Let's Encrypt certificate into an Azure website

New – AWS Certificate Manager – Deploy SSL/TLS-Based Apps on AWS | AWS News Blog

"The new AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) is designed to simplify and automate many of the tasks traditionally associated with management of SSL/TLS certificates. ACM takes care of the complexity surrounding the provisioning, deployment, and renewal of digital certificates! Certificates provided by ACM are verified by Amazon’s certificate authority (CA), Amazon Trust Services (ATS).

Even better, you can do all of this at no extra cost. SSL/TLS certificates provisioned through AWS Certificate Manager are free!"