Monday, May 11, 2015

AP.NET 5 @ Build 2015

BUILD 2015 ASP.NET 5 Training Videos - Introduction and Deep Dive - Scott Hanselman

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Azure App Service Architecture | Build 2015 | Channel 9

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The Big Rename
  • k and klr are now DNX. DNX stands for .NET Execution Environment.
  • kvm is now dnvm or the .NET Version Manager
  • kpm is migrating some functionality of its functionality to dnu, the .NET Development Utility and some functionality will migrate to be core NuGet functionality
  • The Aspnet50 and aspnetcore50 framework monikers in project.json files are being replaced with dnx451 and dnxcore50.

Azure "Desired State Configuration"

Chatting with Snover | Build 2015 | Channel 9

Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration Overview
"DSC is a new management platform in Windows PowerShell that enables deploying and managing configuration data for software services and managing the environment in which these services run.
DSC provides a set of Windows PowerShell language extensions, new Windows PowerShell cmdlets, and resources that you can use to declaratively specify how you want your software environment to be configured. It also provides a means to maintain and manage existing configurations."

Introducing the Azure PowerShell DSC (Desired State Configuration) extension - Windows PowerShell Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Windows PowerShell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Desired State Configuration[56][57][58]: Declarative language extensions and tools that enable the deployment and management of configuration data for systems using the DMTF management standards and WS-Management Protocol.