Monday, June 04, 2012

Nokia Lumina 900 vs iPhone 4S

Nokia's Lumia 900 Can't Stack Up Against the iPhone - DailyFinance:
Nokia phone is a good deal! Good phone and a good deal.
Nokia Lumia 900
Apple iPhone 4S
Display and touchscreen$58$37
Wireless chips$38$24
Power management$9$7
Mechanical and electro-mechanical$18$33
Total component cost$209$190
Unsubsidized retail price$450$649
Gross margin ($)$241$459
Gross margin (%)53.5%70.7%
Source: iSuppli.

Corning flexible Willow Glass

Corning launches ultra-thin and flexible Willow Glass - TechSpot News

Corning has unveiled a flexible material called Willow Glass that measures just 0.1 millimeters thin, or about the same thickness as a strand of fine human hair.

Windows 8 Metro style apps

Learn to build Metro style apps


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