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Donald Knuth "chat" with ChatGPT & ELIZA

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Donald Knuth Asked ChatGPT 20 Questions. What Did We Learn? - The New Stack

It seems like everyone’s playing with ChatGPT — including mathematician and long-time programming expert Donald Knuth. Inspired by a conversation with Stephen Wolfram, Knuth conducted “my own little experiment” on April 7 — and recently posted the results online.

Knuth’s conclusion? They were “extremely impressive responses, sometimes astonishingly so…
 Specifically, Knuth praised “the quality of the wordsmithing. It’s way better than 99% of copy that people actually write.”

One question had a very long history. In 1968, Donald Knuth’s own father had posed a question to the early chatbot Eliza: “Where and when will the sun be directly overhead in Japan on July 4?” Knuth remembered that his father had been disappointed when Eliza had only answered: “Why do you ask?”

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