Saturday, February 05, 2022

postgres + cloud native = ?

podcast about startup that provides "Postgres as a service"

Supabase is all in on Postgres with Paul Copplestone, CEO of Supabase (The Changelog #476) |> Changelog

PostgreSQL: Contributor Profiles (many Core team members from EDB)

and many startups...

144-core async computer processor

 "Programming a 144-computer chip to minimize power" - Chuck Moore (2013) - YouTube

GreenArrays is shipping its 144-core asynchronous chip that needs little energy (7 pJ/inst). Idle cores use no power (100 nW). Active ones (4 mW) run fast (666 Mips), then wait for communication (idle).

A computer engineer specializing in software, hardware and silicon. Invented the Forth computer language in 1968. Forth, Inc still programs embedded apps from telescope to data base. Designed a Forth gate-array in 1983 and circuit boards to sell it. It's successor (RTX2000) is orbiting Saturn.