Sunday, July 01, 2018

Cloud: Static Website Hosting: Azure Storage, AWS S3

With Web SPA (Single Page Apps), there is often no need for full featured web server.
Hosting static web files is enough, in combination with cloud functions.
That is faster, safer, and much more affordable solution. Now also available on Azure:

Static website hosting for Azure Storage now in public preview | Blog | Microsoft Azure

"When you enable static websites on your storage account, a new web service endpoint is created of the form

The web service endpoint always allows anonymous read access, returns formatted HTML pages in response to service errors, and allows only object read operations. The web service endpoint returns the index document in the requested directory for both the root and all subdirectories."

Azure IoT Edge + Kubernetes

Using K8S to manage deployment of containers to remote locations,
by connecting to IoT hub and IoT Edge via "virtual kubelet."

Manage Azure IoT Edge deployments with Kubernetes | Blog | Microsoft Azure

"...leverage the Virtual Kubelet project which allows Kubernetes nodes to be backed by other services and make direct use of Kubernetes primitives. We implemented an IoT Edge provider, depicted by blue boxes in the below diagram, that transforms Kubernetes manifests to IoT Edge deployment manifests. A IoT Edge manifest can use tags to target on-prem edge devices whose configuration can be updated with a single kubectl command"