Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Big Data: A Planetary Nervous System


Human Face of Big Data

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“the DVR in an average American living room uses 11% of the household’s total power each month. So instead of drilling another oil well, we could reduce our power bill as a nation -- by 5% -- just by redesigning the DVR”

Chromebook: Amazon's top selling laptop

Another Google/Samsung best-seller...

Amazon's top selling laptop doesn't run Windows or Mac OS, it runs Linux | ZDNet:
The list price for $249. On Amazon, it's currently going for more than that: $317.

top selling laptops @Amazon

$250 @ tigerdirect

HP Chromebook comming

For schools: The new Lenovo ThinkPad Chromebook $429 specs Designed with specialized classroom features like reinforced hinges and a rubber casing, students and teachers can work hard and play hard.

Google is offering a pi--that's $3.14159 million--in prizes for cracking Chrome OS

So, Chromebooks are "Netbooks 2.0". The first wave started by ASUS EEE devices based on Linux,
and thank to Microsoft quick reaction to cut price of XP, most of netbooks ware running Windows.

Could Microsoft come again with a "Ultra Lite" version of Windows (RT)?