Sunday, July 28, 2013

PhoneGap 3.0

Chariot Solutions: PhoneGap 3.0

Historically PhoneGap and Cordova, the open source project behind PhoneGap, were almost identical. This has changed with the release of 3.0.
Prior to 3.0, PhoneGap was distributed as an archive which was downloaded and unzipped to install. Now, both PhoneGap and Cordova are distributed as command line tools, which are installed via the node.js package manager, npm. Both Cordova and PhoneGap can be installed on your machine at the same time...

With 3.0, the Cordova distribution provides the core functionality to embed a webview (browser) into a native application. Cordova is distributed without any of the plugins installed. This allows you to only install the functionality you need, simplifies your code base, and reduces the amount of code in your app.

Interesting platfrom/plugins architecture

Nintendo Controller Drives Prius

Hackers Can Take Over Cars and Drive Them With a Nintendo Controller

"The hack... requires plugging into a vehicle's electronic control unit through a diagnostics port, as researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek did on a 2010 Ford Escape and Toyota Prius. From there, software written by the pair overrode commands the driver gave the car—including accleration, braking and steering. Gauges also were manipulated to show ludicrous speeds or zero fuel. "

Is it time to regulate interfaces to devices,(at least cars)
to require user controllable security, with default "high".