Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Alan Kay: Doing with Images Makes Symbols

Fascinating "origins of GUI design."

Dr. Alan Kay, 1987: Doing with Images Makes Symbols Pt 1 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Includes a video of "sketch pad" from 1962,
that is arguably better than most of current drawing apps.

Kathy Sierra: User Awesome vs App Awesome

Success is not about being awesome (app, product, service), but help the users be awesome.

Kathy Sierra at Business of Software 2012. Creating the minimum badass user. | Business of Software:

"People aren’t using the app because they like the app or they like you.
They’re doing it because they like themselves. What are you doing to enable more of that."

So, the objective is to help your users/customers become really great in what they are doing.
They will share this with others, and that is the best advertising you can get (i.e. good reviews on Amazon :)

summary of presentation
  • Models: examples of what good really is
  • Edge Practice: helps point to the right thing
  • Forward Flow: keep going, no matter what, even when things get difficult