Monday, August 01, 2016

book: The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly

The Inevitable book cover
huge idea: AI "Cognitive Power" will be in the future
what Electric Power was and is for the Industrial Revolution:
augmenting human power and enabling tasks previously impossible

Kevin Kelly on The Inevitable: 12 Forces That Will Shape Our Future @ Singularity 1 on 1 podcast

Kevin Kelly: The Next 30 Digital Years - The Long Now

"In Kevin Kelly’s view, a dozen “inevitable” trends will drive the next 30 years of digital progress. Artificial smartnesses, for example, will be added to everything, all quite different from human intelligence and from each other. We will tap into them like we do into electricity to become cyber-centaurs -- co-dependent humans and AIs. All of us will need to perpetually upgrade just to stay in the game.

Every possible display surface will become a display, and study its watchers. Everything we encounter, “if it cannot interact, it is broken.” Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) will become the next platform after smartphones, conveying a profound sense of experience (and shared experience), transforming education..."

Book: The Inevitable
"Much of what will happen in the next thirty years is inevitable, driven by technological trends that are already in motion. In this fascinating, provocative new book, Kevin Kelly provides an optimistic road map for the future, showing how the coming changes in our lives—from virtual reality in the home to an on-demand economy to artificial intelligence embedded in everything we manufacture—can be understood as the result of a few long-term, accelerating forces." - Kevin Kelly

interview podcast: Triangulation 132 Kevin Kelly | TWiT The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future (9780525428084): Kevin Kelly: Books

The Inevitable (book) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"The Inevitable is a 2016 nonfiction book by Kevin Kelly that forecasts the twelve technological forces that will shape the next thirty years:
  • Becoming: Moving from fixed products to always upgrading services and subscriptions
  • Cognifying: Making everything much smarter using cheap powerful AI that we get from the cloud
  • Flowing: Depending on unstoppable streams in real-time for everything
  • Screening: Turning all surfaces into screens
  • Accessing: Shifting society from one where we own assets, to one where instead we will have access to services at all times.
  • Sharing: Collaboration at mass-scale. Kelly writes, “On my imaginary Sharing Meter Index we are still at 2 out of 10.”
  • Filtering: Harnessing intense personalization in order to anticipate our desires
  • Remixing: Unbundling existing products into their most primitive parts and then recombine in all possible ways
  • Interacting: Immersing ourselves inside our computers to maximize their engagement
  • Tracking: Employing total surveillance for the benefit of citizens and consumers
  • Questioning: Promoting good questions are far more valuable than good answers
  • Beginning: Constructing a planetary system connecting all humans and machines into a global matrix"

Interesting comparison of AI with electricity 100 years ago: "AI is the new electricity"

At that time, electricity has become a utility that can be combined with many other tools to transform them and create completely new solutions.

Similarly, AI is becoming a utility available on the "cloud" that can be utilized in much the same way
to be combined with many other tools and make them better and transform them to new solutions.