Sunday, November 06, 2022

Heroku name origin

The Changelog - Podcasts | Heroku

the intent / meaning was that it is there to make app developers "heroic" 

The name "Heroku" is a portmanteau of "heroic" and "haiku".[15]
The Japanese theme is a nod to Matz for creating Ruby.

The name itself is pronounced similarly to the Japanese word meaning “widely” (hiroku),
though the creators of Heroku did not want the name of their project to have a particular meaning,
in Japanese or any other language, and so chose to invent a name.

GoLang native storage projects

 GitHub - gostor/awesome-go-storage: A curated list of awesome Go storage projects and libraries

A curated list of awesome Go storage projects and libraries. Inspired by awesome-go.

there are many!

Popular Database Implementations in Go | LinkedIn

go-sqlite: GoLang + SQLite - GCC

GitHub - zombiezen/go-sqlite: Low-level Go interface to SQLite 3

a CGo-free SQLite package.

  • Full SQLite functionality via, an automatically generated translation of the original C source code of SQLite into Go

go-sqlite3/ at master · mattn/go-sqlite3 · GitHub

go-sqlite3 is cgo package. If you want to build your app using go-sqlite3, you need gcc. However, after you have built and installed go-sqlite3 with go install (which requires gcc), you can build your app without relying on gcc in future.

Golang SQLite database/sql - Earthly Blog

Go sqlite3 - working with sqlite3 in Golang

GitHub - crawshaw/sqlite: Go SQLite3 driver