Sunday, October 29, 2017

tutorial: building Cortana Skill

Getting Started: Building your first Cortana Skill using the Cortana Skills Kit in under an hour!

One Hour to your First Cortana Skill! | Coding4Fun Blog | Channel 9

Cortana Skills Kit Blog - Microsoft Tech Community

Hello World Podcast

A real treat for real geeks :)
100 interviews with great software developers.
Hello World Podcast

Hello World Podcast - Shawn Wildermuth's Rants and Raves

"Shawn Wildermuth brings you his "Hello World" podcast where we learn about how your favorite developers tell their story of how they got started writing software!"

mini-pc 4 IoT

mini-pc Archives - Liliputing

single board computer Archives - Liliputing

Asus Tinker Board is a Raspberry Pi-like mini PC with a RK3288 processor - Liliputing
4K video, $60

Rock64 is a quad-core, 4K-ready single-board PC for $25 and up - Liliputing

NanoPi NEO Plus2

Windows 10 Core Starter Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 - Raspberry Pi

Azure IoT Developer Kit (MXChip, Arduino, WiFi, display, buttons)


Get the Azure IoT Developer Kit Now... | Coding4Fun Blog | Channel 9

Azure IoT Developer Kit: Sensor Overview – Build Azure
Built-in IoT Sensors:
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Magnetometer
  • Motion / Gyroscope

Order Azure IoT Developer Kit (AZ3166) on Amazon with FREE Shipping – Build Azure MXChip AZ3166 IoT DevKit Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, Azure, Arduino Software: Computers & Accessories
  • "Build a cloud powered IoT app in minutes using Microsoft Azure services with this fully Arduino compatible board.
  • Develop quickly and seamlessly utilizing Visual Studio with the Arduino Extension
  • SoC module combines the power of the ST Microelectronics STM32F412 at its core and Cypress BCM43362 for WiFi.
  • On-board peripherals include an OLED screen, headphone output, stereo microphone and abundant sensors like humidity & temperature, pressure, motion (accelerometer & gyroscope) and magnetometer.
  • 25 external GPIO pins on the edge connector allow you to connect many external sensors and actuators."