Saturday, December 20, 2014

mapsmarker, piwik - Web Analytics Reports - Web Analytics Reports:

"Dashboard" with widgets, drag-drop maps, zoom-in/out


Free Web Analytics Software

Open Analytics Platform
Piwik is an open source project (GPL)

d3.js: Angular Datamaps

dmachat/angular-datamaps · GitHub:

Provides an Angular directive to wrap 
and easily build data maps in your Angular application.
Datamap example

Azure Security with Mark Russinovich

Play by Play: Azure Security with Mark Russinovich – Pluralsight Training:

"There are many security questions to answer when considering migrating from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Is my data secure from bad guys? Is it safe from the cloud provider? Are they mining customer data? Once we move virtual machines into the cloud, is there anything we can do as administrators, or that the cloud provider can do to make our systems secure? In this Play by Play, we tackle these questions and more with Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure."

Mark Russinovich - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Microsoft Bing 2015 Predictions: IoT, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning

Microsoft Business Predictions for 2015: IoT matures, cybersecurity bulks up, and machine learning gives businesses a big advantage - The Official Microsoft Blog:

"IoT continues to mature across a range of industry sectors, and companies are focused on the actionable potential IoT holds for businesses today. People are eager to understand and implement IoT in their businesses, a trend that’s reinforced by a 430 percent increase in searches for IoT on Bing in the last 12 months."

IoT: “Internet of Moving Things”

“Internet of Moving Things” Startup Eyes U.S. Cities – Next City:

"Many transit riders are familiar with onboard WiFi, but as of September, in Porto, Portugal, buses, taxis and even garbage trucks actually act as moving hot spots, supplying Internet access to around 60,000 people each month. 

This system, which creator Veniam calls an “Internet of moving things” is a kind of mesh network. Using an onboard device called a NetRider, vehicles communicate with both fixed infrastructure and other vehicles. The startup’s website depicts the widely distributed signals as a vast, city-wide spiderweb, with anyone in range able to log on."

Drone Videos

The 17 best drone videos that gave a whole new perspective to 2014 - Quartz