Friday, May 09, 2014

GitBook Editor · GitHub

GitbookIO/editor · GitHub:
"GitBook Editor application is a simple editor for writing books. 
It's available for Windows, Linux (32 and 64bits) and Mac."
ImageGitbookIO/gitbook · GitHub

Introduction | Learn Javascript

education: Lecturing Heuristics

Patrick Winston - Lecturing Heuristics:

A handful of heuristics makes it possible to improve lectures, make better presentations, and survive oral exams

lecture has these parts:
  • The menu
  • The hors d'oeuvre
  • The entree
  • The dessert

Machine Learning on a Board

Machine Learning on a Board | Artificial Learning: "Apply machine learning right out of the box.  Machine Learning on a Board (MLoaB) is the ideal tool for researchers, expermentalists and hobbyists who want easy-to-use, plug-compatible hardware to apply our ultra-efficient machine learning technology to live sensor data. "


WebSockets: SocketCluster

topcloud/socketcluster · GitHub:

"SocketCluster is a WebSocket server cluster (with HTTP long-polling fallback) based on Unlike other realtime engines, SocketCluster deploys itself as a cluster in order to make use of all CPUs/cores on a machine/instance - This offers a more consistent performance for users and lets you scale vertically without limits. 

SocketCluster workers are highly parallelized - Asymptotically speaking, SocketCluster is N times faster than any other available WebSocket server (where N is the number of CPUs/cores available on your machine). SocketCluster was designed to be lightweight and its API is almost identical to"

IoT: Microsoft's Cortana interacts with the Internet of Things

Microsoft's Cortana interacts with the Internet of Things - Windows Phone - News -

Web-powered printer and lamp

The Onion Core is a set of firmware libraries that allows Internet-connected devices to integrate with the Onion Cloud. Popular platforms such as the Arduino and RaspberryPi are supported.

IoT: SmartAmerica Challenge

Even government supports (renamed) IoT...

SmartAmerica Challenge:

"The SmartAmerica Challenge is bringing together organizations with Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) technology, programs, and test beds to demonstrate the potential to improve safety, sustainability, efficiency, mobility, and overall quality of life. Cyber-Physical Systems-- what some have called an Internet of Things-- involves connecting devices and systems in diverse sectors like transportation, energy, manufacturing, and healthcare in fundamentally new ways."

NIST's Presidential Innovation Fellow logo

MOOC, IoT: Raspberry Pi with Java ME; .NET, Azure

Oracle Massive Open Online Course: Develop Java Embedded Applications Using a Raspberry Pi May 2014: (free)
5 weeks, 4 - 6 hours weekly
Learn to write Java Embedded applications that:
  • Read input data from switches and drive LED's using the GPIO interface
  • Read temperature and barometric pressure from an I2C device
  • Read the device's current location using a GPS UART device
  • Store and manage data collected
  • Report data to a client through a variety of communication options

As usual, another "spin" on Internet of Things,
thing time by Oracle to promote Java ME.

Small print: Java ME is free only for learning, not for production.
Java ME Technology - CDC
The CDC reference implementation source code is available free of charge for education and research purposes under the Sun Community Source License Agreement (SCSL). If you plan to ship a commercial product that leverages Sun's source code, or if you want to use one of the CDC technology compatibility kits developed by Sun, you must sign a commercial license agreement with Sun.

In fact Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework is free (Apache License)

Next step: Microsoft Virtual Academy class
for using .NET MF on Raspberry Pi (or similar device)
to connect to Azure and mobile apps...
That would be a good class!
And in fact it (almost) already exists:

04 | Using Windows Azure for M2M and IoT
Mobile Apps to IoT: Connected Devices with Windows Azure

.NET Microframework on RaspberryPi (Part 1) - Laurent Ellerbach - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
it is apparently Mono implementation of .NET that runs on Raspberry Pi Linux,
not .NET MF, that one runs on Arduino / Netduino

So, now Microsoft just needs to package all together, and call it MOOC :)

Machine Learning: Google Prediction API

Google Prediction API - Predictive Analysis & Prediction Algorithms — Google Cloud Platform

Use Google’s machine learning algorithms to analyze data 
and predict future outcomes using a familiar RESTful interface

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Research at Google

Machine Learning with F#

Machine Learning | The F# Software Foundation

F# is ideally suited to machine learning because of its efficient execution, succinct style, data access capabilities and scalability. F# has been successfully used by some of the most advanced machine learning teams in the world, including several groups at Microsoft Research

Try F# has some introductory machine learning algorithms.

Math and Statistics and Data Science

Machine Learning in Windows 9

Microsoft’s Head of Research: Machine learning important for Windows 9 |
Microsoft wants to make machine learning usable and visible to the end user.
“Using machine learning to extract relationships, entities,
key ideas being worked on and bring those to the surface in tools.
Maybe even digital-assistant tools (Cortana) to make companies more productive and smarter.
That’s one area we’re going at for Windows 9″,

Microsoft Research Boss Talks Cortana, Windows 9, and More | Digital Trends

Windows 7/8 MBR repair

This is sometimes needed when (manual) restoring backup,
or removing HD that was primary boot after installing new OS on a second drive.

Restore, Fix, Repair Master Boot Record in Windows 8 | 7

System will not boot to Windows 7 Professional [Solved] - Windows 7 - Windows 7:

BOOTREC /FIXMBR and press Enter
BOOTREC /FIXBOOT and press Enter.
BOOTREC /SCANOS and press Enter.
BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD and press Enter.

3. If it’s not successful or you receive ‘No operating system found’ or ‘Element not found’ messages, go back to the Command Prompt and make the partition active by typing these commands:
DISKPART and press Enter.
LIST DISK and press Enter.
SELECT DISK N and press Enter (N represents the disk you want).
LIST PARTITION and press Enter.
SELECT PARTITION N and press Enter (N represents the partition you want).
ACTIVE and press Enter.
EXIT and press Enter.

Bcdboot C:\windows

I moved the SATA cable to another port,.. that fixed the problem for me...
(BIOS on the computer required to boot from primary port)