Monday, May 30, 2016

microservices => Architect roles: Software & Business

The Evolution of Services with Juval Lowy @ .NET Rocks! vNext

Juval Lowy on the Path of the Architect - YouTube

suggested idea: "split" of Architect roles to "Software Architect" and "Business Architect"
by leveraging Microservices & components

IDesign: Excellence. Professional Growth. Leadership.

Interview: Juval explains the IDesign Method - YouTube

Microservices • Martin Fowler - YouTube

The State of the Art in Microservices by Adrian Cockcroft - YouTube

Principles Of Microservices by Sam Newman - YouTube

Introduction to Microservices - YouTube (Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure)

Understanding microservices | Microsoft Azure
Service Fabric platform application development

Azure Big Compute: HPC & Batch

Azure Batch service basics | Microsoft Azure
"Azure Batch enables you to run large-scale parallel and high performance computing (HPC) applications efficiently in the cloud. It's a platform service that schedules compute-intensive work to run on a managed collection of virtual machines, and can automatically scale compute resources to meet the needs of your jobs."
Batch solution workflow

Azure Batch VS HDinsight/Data VS Lake Analytics?

Spinning up 16,000 A1 Virtual Machines on Azure Batch | endjin blog

Big Compute: HPC & Batch | Microsoft Azure
"Large-scale cloud computing power on demand
Azure provides on-demand compute resources that enable you to run large parallel and batch compute jobs in the cloud. Extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the cloud when you need more capacity, or run work entirely in Azure. Scale easily and take advantage of advanced networking features such as RDMA to run true HPC applications using MPI to get the results you want, when you need them."

Batch Documentation | Azure