Saturday, June 29, 2013

Microsoft Surface RT for schools, for < 1/2 price

Microsoft seeks entry to the education market via the Surface RT | PCWorld

"Consumers may not be buying Surface RT tablets, but that isn’t stopping Microsoft. The company will offer $199 Surface tablets for K-12 schools and higher-education institutions, according to the company
Microsoft’s Surface RT has been met with a lukewarm welcome from the market, in part because of its $399 price (in fact it is $499), as well as its incompatibility with older versions of Windows.
About 10,000 teachers attending the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio will receive free Surface RTs

Google has been pushing its $249 Samsung Chromebooks into over 1,000 schools across the country, according to the company, and recently said it would supply Google Apps running on Chromebooks to 10 million students across the country."

Microsoft unloading Surface RT units at $199, offering schools major discount

In late May, Microsoft put the tablet on sale at its own TechEd conference, with Surface going for $100 and Surface Pro for $399. Now, Redmond is extending a significant discount program to educational institutions

This is slightly better than HP's TouchPad, that was just dumped for $100 & $150...
And then HP dumped its CEO, too...

And in all this "hoopla" nobody talks about unified, shared and free, educational "apps".
That should be web apps. Not just web based (i.e. PhoneGap), but real, common, public, HTML5.
Why is not schools curriculum, as well as books, available online, and free?
Public schools (in US) are paid by public tax money, and most efficient is to just make materials public.

AGENT: The World's Smartest Watch

Yet another "smart" watch on kickstarter...

develop for the AGENT SmartWatch @ Channel9

AGENT: The World's Smartest Watch by Secret Labs + House of Horology — Kickstarter

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

"Big Dumb Data" => "Smart Data"

Dumb and Dumber: How smart is your monitoring data @ InfoQ

Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring @ Gartner