Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Enyo JavaScript Application Framework

Enyo JavaScript Application Framework

HP has just open-sourced JavaScript framework part of WebOS,
with Apache 2.0 license (non restrictive)

Enyo 1.0 requires WebKit based web browser, but Enyo 2.0 is apparently more portable...

GUI widgets are generated from JavaScript... nice...

Enyo is functional similar to jQuery Mobile and similar frameworks...
But there are differences in "level", since Enyo(greek godes of war)
is object-based, and the code a bit "cleaner" and more compact for apps.
For simple web pages scaled down for small screens, qQuery Mobile is easier.

Combined with PhoneGap
that is now also released as Apache open source (after purchase by Adobe)
Enyo could be a nice platform for portable mobile apps...
Provided examples work nice in Chrome, as well as in IE9 and Firefox...

Back to JavaScript, the language of the future :)