Monday, May 27, 2019

IoT: Wyze Bulb $8 (WiFi + color temp.)

Wyze Bulb is an $8 bomb in the smart lighting market - SlashGear

"A single bulb is $7.99, while a four pack of bulbs is $29.99. That gets you a 9.5W LED bulb – which is 60W equivalent – delivering up to 800 lumens of brightness.

There’s no color changing, though you can tweak the color temperature. Wyze supports everything from a warm white light of 2,700k, through to daylight white, at 6,500k. Dimming is possible through the app, too, along with scheduling and a vacation mode that will automatically turn lights on and off to simulate someone being home.

Unlike Philips Hue and some other smart bulb platforms, there’s no hub to install. Instead, the Wyze Bulbs each connect directly to your WiFi network. You’ll need to have a 2.4GHz network operating, mind, since they don’t work with 5GHz WiFi."

IoT: Lutron Aurora "smart bulb dimmer"

WiFi based

Lutron Aurora Always Ready smart bulb dimmer

"The Aurora smart bulb dimmer locks an existing toggle light switch in the “on/up” position. That way, no one can accidentally turn the switch—and your Hue smart bulb functionality—off. Ships with mounting base and rotary dimmer."

React Material-UI v4

Google's "Material Design" is becoming quite popular for styling web and mobile apps, almost like new (Twitter) Bootstrap library. Even Microsoft's Xamarin provides "Material" Templates.
There is also "Material Design Bootstrap" for jQuery, Angular, React, View.

For React there is also very popular:

Material-UI v4 is out 🎉 – Material-UI – Medium

Release v4.0.0 · mui-org/material-ui @ GitHub

"Some statistics with v4 compared to the release of v1 one year ago:
From 300k downloads/month to 2M downloads/month on npm
From 90k users/month to 350k users/month on the documentation"