Saturday, November 15, 2014

visualization tool: Raw

"The missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics."

"Raw is an open web app to create custom vector-based visualizations on top of the amazing D3.js library through a simple interface." (LGPL)

d3.js: Selections

How we Think & Learn: focused & diffuse modes

How Pinball Helps Explain Ways We Think and Learn @ ScienceFriday

"In the game “pinball,” a ball, which represents a thought, shoots up from the springloaded plunger to bounce randomly against rows of rubber bumpers. These two pinball machines represent focused (left) and diffuse (right) ways of thinking. 
  • The focused approach relates to intense concentration on a specific problem or concept...
  • The diffuse approach on the right often involves a big-picture perspective. This thinking mode is useful when you are learning something new.

web visualization tools

Data Visualization and D3.js @ Udacity:

visual: Tech I.P.O.s

The Facebook Offering: How It Compares -
"Since 1980, there have been about 2,400 technology, Internet and telecom initial public offerings. Until this week (2012), the largest by market capitalization was Google, which was valued at $23 billion, or about $28 billion in today's dollars" (Facebook IPO was $104B)

30 years of tech IPOs

Visual Encoding (!)

Visual Encoding:
Data types:
  • Quantitative
  • Ordered / Qualitative
  • Categorical
Now how do we present it? We have several visual encoding variables:
  • X and Y
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Orientation
  • Color Value
  • Color Hue
  • Color in More Detail
Retinal variables to data (mapping)

visual, stats: 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes

Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Stats - BBC Four - YouTube

Same person, onTED:

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view.

OU on the BBC: The Joy Of Stats - OpenLearn - Open University

statistics: Anscombe's quartet

Anscombe's quartet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"comprises four datasets that have nearly identical simple statistical properties (mean, variance, correlation, linear regression line), 
yet appear very different when graphed."

HP Stream 7: Windows 8.1 tablet $99

Buy HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet - Microsoft Store: $99

  • 7-inch HD IPS touchscreen 800x1280
  • Intel Atom Z3735G quad core
  • 1GB memory/32GB SSD
  • Includes Office 365 Personal1 ($69.99 value)
  • 32GB eMMC
  • Windows 8.1 with Bing, 32-bit

Finally, usable tablets for $99
"One Laptop Per Child" :)

big data: Storm, Hadoop, Spark

Introducing Storm on HDInsight | Data Exposed | Channel 9

"Microsoft utilizes an open-source technology to produce a cloud-based data streaming service for HDInsight. Asad walks us through the end-to-end architecture and implementation of Storm on HDInsight and what the service has to offer in terms of the power and flexibility of the service"

Apache Storm

Realtime Analytics with Storm and Hadoop @ SlideShare by Nathan Marz

Spark, Storm and Real Time Analytics @ InfoQ

"Big Data Analytics have been advancing in the past years as the amount of information has exploded. Hadoop is definitely the platform of choice for Big Data analysis and computation. While data Volume, Variety and Velocity increases, Hadoop as a batch processing framework cannot cope with the requirement for real time analytics."

Google Now vs Siri vs Cortana: showdown

Google Now vs Siri vs Cortana: showdown - YouTube
Google Now vs Siri vs Cortana: showdown

.NET open source cross-platform, Visual Studio 2013 Update 4

Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform, adds new development capabilities with Visual Studio 2015, .NET 2015 and Visual Studio Online | News Center

Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 | Visual Studio Toolbox | Channel 9:

Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 RTM is now available for download.

Material UI - Material Design React Components

"A CSS Framework and a Set of React Components that Implement Google's 
Material Design"

"Gmail 5.0" vs. "Inbox"

Google's Gmail team has created alternative app for email,

and also improved "classic" Gmail app.

Inbox vs. Gmail 5.0: Which one is right for you? | Greenbot

"The new Gmail app looks better and is more capable, but it doesn't attempt to change the way you use email, like Inbox does."gmail vs. inbox

"Inbox is for those who are looking for a little help getting organized. You don’t want to mess with labels, rules, folders, or stay inside your inbox any longer than needed. You want the app to do the heavy lifting"

IoT @ Vimeo / NDC

Videos about “One Day of Internet of Things” on Vimeo

Supercharge your IoT toolbox with MQTT and Node-RED - Simen Sommerfeldt on Vimeo @ NDC conference
"MQTT is one of the most promising technologies for extending your Information systems with IoT technology. And Node-Red is perhaps the easiest way to prototype solutions with the customer and iterate fast until you find a solution that can be implemented in a project."

MQTT is a simple (maybe too simplistic) protocol, that could be useful for IoT.
Node-RED from IBM is visual tool based on node.js for processing IoT data...

ML: Internet of Machine Learning (numl)

Internet of Machine Learning - Kristoffer Rolf Deinoff on Vimeo from NDC conference

A video explaining how to use "numl" library for processing IoT "big data"

(audio is mono)

(free) Pluralsight for MSDN Subscribers

Pluralsight for MSDN Subscribers Worldwide
"... 12 month training subscription with several new Visual Studio 2012 courses. The Pluralsight Starter Subscription for (some) MSDN (subscribers) now contains 25 popular courses. "

Announcing the Pluralsight Starter Subscription for MSDN

Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure (!)

Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure | Channel 9:

"A cloud-first, mobile-first, developer-first, virtual event" :-)

ScottGu's Blog - Announcing Open Source of .NET Core Framework, .NET Core Distribution for Linux/OSX, and Free Visual Studio Community Edition

dotnet/corefx @ GitHub