Wednesday, January 05, 2022

more EVs for Amazon

Rivian stock plunges after news of Amazon-Stellantis deal

Stellantis, the automaker formerly known as Fiat Chrysler, said that
Amazon will provide its in-car dashboard software and cloud services.
Amazon will also be the first commercial customer of Stellantis’ Ram ProMaster battery-electric vehicle, slated for 2023.
Amazon’s market-leading AWS business has sharpened its focus on industries in an effort to expand inside large companies. In November Amazon unveiled AWS IoT FleetWise, a tool automakers can use to store and refine vehicle data."

GoLang GC vs Java, C#

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Go Does Not Need a Java Style GC

Modern languages such as Go, Julia and Rust don’t need complex garbage collectors like the ones use by Java C#. But why?