Tuesday, March 15, 2022

AWS: Amazon S3 Object Lambda

 Amazon S3 Features | Object Lambda | AWS

With S3 Object Lambda you can add your own code to S3 GET requests to modify and process data as it is returned to an application. For the first time, you can use custom code to modify the data returned by standard S3 GET requests to filter rows, dynamically resize images, redact confidential data, and much more. Powered by AWS Lambda functions, your code runs on infrastructure that is fully managed by AWS, eliminating the need to create and store derivative copies of your data or to run expensive proxies, all with no changes required to your applications.

Unboxing S3 Object Lambda | cloudonaut

Unboxing AWS S3 Object Lambda - YouTube

Flutter apps for Windows

Flutter Event | Flutter Update: Desktop Support

Announcing Flutter for Windows | Flutter

Your app can use every part of the Flutter framework, and on Windows, it can also talk to the Win32, COM, and Windows Runtime APIs either directly through Dart’s C interop layer, or using a platform plugin written in C++.

Flutter Update: Windows - YouTube

Flutter for Windows with Chris Sells @ .NET Rocks! vNext