Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Another JavaScript framework, in this case strictly leveraging HTML5,
and this makes it possible to optimize more and get better performance,
claiming 2.5x faster than "classic" jQuery (Mobile)

And there is more...

the new browser that changes mobile apps forever
Quite simply, mobiUs lets your smartphone run HTML5-based web apps
that look and feel exactly the same as "native" apps from the app store.

directCanvas: 10x faster than HTML5 canvas
How does directCanvas accelerate game graphics rendering?
Modern WebKit browsers perform an amazing amount of processing
in order to convert HTML5 canvas commands into a fully rendered page.
Reflowing text, mapping hot spots, creating indexes for reference links,
on and on. A typical game requires none of this functionality,
but the processing overhead is still there.

OK, so this is (almost) the same as Windows 8 :)
Just for Android and iOS...