Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cloud 3D Printing

3D Builder App R5 Release Enhances Design and Print Features | The Windows Blog | Channel 9:

"3D Builder Windows Store app was created to make loading, manipulating and printing 3D models easy and fun. Today, Microsoft has released a major update of 3D Builder that brings a host of new features and enhancements, including a new cloud printing partnership with 3D Systems.


Android Auto vs. Apple CarPlay

Car makers will offer Android Auto alongside CarPlay later this year | 9to5Mac:

"How will Google’s new ‘Android Auto’ CarPlay competitor compare? On top of opening up the SDK, unlike Apple, to messaging and audio apps, it also has a ton of support right of the bat through the Open Automotive Alliance. Following Google’s unveiling of its new Android Auto connected car platform, a long list of both new and old members of the Open Automotive Alliance have confirmed support for the new feature"

HP Project "Smart Choice"

As IBM has sold its (x86) server division to Lenovo, HP is using the opportunity to advertise its commitment to partners...

On the other side, the future of x86 is much less certain, given that ARM is supported by all major OSs, including Windows. ARM is slower, but is likely more power efficient: a big advantage for cloud servers also...

IBM x86 Servers and Lenovo? - Project Smart Choice - x86 server replacement | HP® Official Site:

"HP is a strategic partner that delivers foresight, stability, and depth end to end — keeping your enterprise ready for the workloads of tomorrow."