Sunday, October 28, 2018

Azure certification changes 2019

New Microsoft Azure certifications have 2 levels "associate" and "expert"
in multiple groups: developer, admin, architect...
That is very similar to AWS certification levels: "associate" and "pro"

New Microsoft Azure Certification Paths Coming in 2018 – Build Azure

Introducing Role-based Microsoft & Azure Certification Shakeup – Build Azure
  • Azure Administrator
  • Azure Developer
  • Azure Solutions Architect
  • Azure DevOps Engineer
  • Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator
Microsoft Azure certification exams | Microsoft Learning

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert

transitions exams from 732, 733, 735
will be available until 2019-03-31
Exam AZ-202: Microsoft Azure Developer Certification Transition (beta)

Introduction to Azure | Microsoft Docs

Azure Exam Changes Aug 2018 - YouTube

[EXAM UPDATES] Changes to the Azure Exams for 70-535 - YouTube

Angular  7.0.0

Version 7 of Angular — CLI Prompts, Virtual Scroll, Drag and Drop and more

"This is a major release spanning the entire platform, including the core framework, Angular Material, and the CLI with synchronized major versions. This release contains new features for our tool chain, and has enabled several major partner launches."

ELT Data Lake <= ETL Data Warehouse

informative podcast interview:
Data Warehouse with Christian Kleinerman - Software Engineering Daily

Data lake - Wikipedia

"A data lake is a system or repository of data stored in its natural format,[1] usually object blobs or files. A data lake is usually a single store of all enterprise data including raw copies of source system data and transformed data used for tasks such as reporting, visualization, analytics and machine learning. A data lake can include structured data from relational databases (rows and columns), semi-structured data (CSV, logs, XML, JSON), unstructured data (emails, documents, PDFs) and binary data (images, audio, video). [2]

A data swamp is a deteriorated data lake that is either inaccessible to its intended users or is providing little value."

What is next, how about "data ocean" metaphor:) That is web of data.