Monday, May 28, 2018

free ebook: Going Pro in Data Science

Going Pro in Data Science

Going Pro in Data Science - O'Reilly Media
by Jerry Overton

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Teaching and implementing data science and AI in the enterprise - O'Reilly Media

cloud: AWS "bare metal" Instances

After Oracle Cloud heavily promoting "bare metal cloud", to support easy "lift and shift" to cloud with minimal changes, AWS now offers no-VMs for max performance.

Amazon EC2 I3 Instances - high I/O compute instances

"I3 instances offer bare metal size (i3.metal) that provide your applications with direct access to the compute and memory resources of the underlying next generation AWS hardware and software infrastructure. Bare metal instances let you run a variety of workloads on AWS, including non-virtualized workloads, workloads that benefit from direct access to physical resources, and workloads that may have licensing restrictions."