Tuesday, April 03, 2018

ANSI terminal emulator in Go, by Microsoft, open source

Azure/go-ansiterm: Go package for ANSI terminal emulation in Windows @ GitHub (MIT license)
This is a cross platform Ansi Terminal Emulation library. It reads a stream of Ansi characters and produces the appropriate function calls. The results of the function calls are platform dependent.

The workflow is a bit complex :)
package ansiterm
import "github.com/Azure/go-ansiterm"

winterm - GoDoc

Where does Microsoft needs virtual terminals now?
On Azure! There is now "Console" feature to access VMs directly from web browser.

And while in Go Language?
Sneak peek: A new Azure Cloud Console | Blog | Microsoft Azure
Because person in change, Brendan Burns, is no other than co-founder of Kubernetes containers orchestration, a tool that is written in Go! GoLang is excellent for system-level tools, and well as for many other purposes, so it is good to see that Microsoft is embracing it.