Wednesday, May 06, 2015

HTTP/2 in Windows 10

A nice technical overview of functionality of HTTP/2

HTTP/2 in Windows 10: Browser, Apps and Web Server | Build 2015 | Channel 9
"HTTP/2 is the next generation transport for all web content. It will bring greater efficiency, faster performance and enable universal secure deployment of services. Windows 10 will come with built in support for HTTP/2 enabling automatic deployment in Servers, apps, and the browser."

HTTP/2 @ GitHub
"This is the home page for HTTP/2, a major revision of the Web's protocol. It is maintained by the IETF HTTP Working Group."

Windows 10 comes with HTTP/2, and there is also a server verdion. 

data: Google Cloud Bigtable, with HBase API

Google Offers Bigtable in the Cloud
Google is making available to customers Cloud Bigtable, their own database used for more than a decade for services such as Search, GMail, Maps or YouTube. While they are not open sourcing Bigtable as they did with other products, the new cloud service is accessible through an open source interface, the Apache HBase 1.0.1 API.

Google Brings Bigtable NoSQL To The Masses