Saturday, September 26, 2015

Will Go Lang "Dominate" the Next Decade?

Go Will Dominate the Next Decade | Ian Eyberg | LinkedIn
Go Will Dominate the Next Decade
"Go is the New JVM
It's very clear that Go is replacing the JVM and .Net as the de-facto enterprise language of choice.
For instance pretty much every Scala shop I've talked to in SF is migrating to Go a bit at a time. Many shops in Europe are doing the same."

"Go will make your team 10X more productive."

If Go could be used for mobile and IoT apps, yes, it could "dominate"...
Otherwise JavaScript VM already is...

If all else fails, there is already a compiler from Go Lang to JavaScript :)
gopherjs/gopherjs · GitHub
Even games are fast enough in the browser, translated from Go to JavaScript
Enj by ajhager

Comparing Go and .NET // Justin Beckwith

Some Go Lang resources:

Go: Getting Started – Pluralsight Training
Mike Van Sickle – Pluralsight author

Suggested Editor: Atom
packages: go-plus  terminal-panel atom-terminal
a background service for auto-completion: nsf/gocode · GitHub

How to Write Go Code - The Go Programming Language
Writing, building, installing, and testing Go code - YouTube

fast big data: ScyllaDB (C++) = 10x Cassandra (Java)

Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database Rewritten in C++, Is 10 Times Faster - Softpedia
"...The Cassandra project was created in Facebook's offices by one of the people who later went on to help Amazon build DynamoDB, another NoSQL database.
Cassandra is written in Java, which is quite different from most other NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Redis, which are written in C++ and/or C.

This particularity is what drove developers to start work on ScyllaDB, creating a unique C++ framework called Seastar to help them port the Java code to a new async-based architecture that in the end has yielded a spectacular boost in performance.

According to ScyllaDB's creators, the database can handle 1 million transactions per second per server, is fully compatible with Cassandra, and can be dropped in without any modifications to the underlying code.

source: ScyllaDB and Seastar have been open-sourced and are available on GitHub."

Scylla DB
"Fully compatible with Apache Cassandra at 10x the throughput"

"Scylla operates at a lower level than Cassandra. It is written in C++14, and is built using GCC 5.1
...Scylla is not yet available, though the authors are hoping to reach general availability in January 2016"