Friday, May 17, 2024

AI: Autonomous fighter jets?!

"What can go wrong", when an military jet F-16 (X62A) fly autonomously?
Don't ask Lockheed Martin and others making money from this...

Autonomous fighter jets?! (Practical AI #268)

Second Wave Devops, System Initiative

 SECOND WAVE DEVOPS: System Initiative

...after 14 years of effort - 88% of the respondents to the State of DevOps report in 2022 are unable to deploy more frequently than once a week, often once every six months. What’s the deal? Were our ambitions simply too high? Is the enterprise just too complex? Do people not want to collaborate? Are we not DevOps-ing hard enough?

from "Infrastructure as a Code" to "Infrastructure as Graph model" (data), 

"TypeScript functions on Hypergraph"

"digital twin" of infrastructure, with real-time simulation

vs Terraform / OpenTofu

System Initiative is an open source company: all of the System Initiative software is available on GitHub under the Apache License version 2.0. There are no commercial-only features, we are not open core, and we do not require copyright assignment.

Rust + web + Erlang