Sunday, October 07, 2012

Graph Database "Trinity" - Microsoft Research

Trinity - Microsoft Research

NoSQL databases (or data-stores) come in various shapes and forms:

  • key-value stores
  • colunm stores
  • document databases
  • graph databases
  • ...

    Graph stores are most complex, and most powerful for connected-data, i.e. OLAP or Semantic Web.

    Neo4j is most popular graph store, and it is even available on Windows Azure.

    Microsoft research is exploring an in-memory alternative tool "Trinity"
    (the name may be play on characters from movie "Matrix" :)

  • Windows Azure Mobile Services

    Windows Azure Mobile Services Dev Center

    Free (for up to 10 instances), based on node.js, open source SDK (on GitHub),
    Azure "Mobile" service is a REST based interface
    that could be used from any application that needs simple data store in the cloud...

    Data are stored in SQL Azure database, and db schema can be dynamically updated based on JSON data posted to the service.

    The online service can have JavaScript based validation and transformation of data, to make sure data received from (mobile and other) Apps are valid.

    There are also online user authentication, and "push" notification from server (where client platform provides such service, such as WinRT for Windows 8).

    In all, this is a VERY interesting tool from Microsoft Azure team!

    Web Drag and Drop on Mobile

    Mobile devices are using touch events in web browser for moving page.
    This is a challenge for drag/drop...

    Example javascript (no jQuery) example that works with mouse and touch:
    Drag and drop

    jQuery mobile Drag and Drop plugin