Saturday, July 28, 2012

.net "Portable Class Library"

Portable Class Library:

Visual Studio 2012 RC supports a special type of DLL that can work with
.NET 4 / 4.5
Silverlight 4 / 5
Win Phone 7 (and newer)
XBOX 360

MetaWatch STRATA: the Smartwatch for the iPhone 4S & Android by Meta Watch — Kickstarter

MetaWatch STRATA: the Smartwatch for the iPhone 4S & Android by Meta Watch — Kickstarter


OEM semiconductor purchasers

Apple iPhone 5 delay, chip worries surface (again) | ZDNet

(Galaxy Nexus vs) Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S3

hands-on comparison

Screen resolution: Galaxy S III's screen has more pixels, arrayed 720 x 1280. iPhone 4S has 640 x 960 pixels. Compound that by the screen sizes: S III measures 4.8 inches diagonally versus 3.5 inches for the iPhone 4S. The result is that the iPhone 4S has more pixels per square inch and thus provides a sharper image. The additional pixels per inch do not make up for the screen size in overall viewing ease - you see more, more easily, on the S III's bigger screen.

Price (with contract) $​199 vs. $​200
Price (without contract $​749 vs. $​549

For carriers the most important difference is the price: there is $200 more profit for selling and Android device. And that would be easy on just numbers, since on every stat is better on Samsung. But iPhone is just more liked, because it is more reliable and polished.

iPhone is an status symbol, as a Mercedes. You can purchase and Hyundai for much less money and more features, and it simply not the same.

Many of those who have Mercedes in fact can't afford it. Same goes for iPhone.e Most of the expense is in fact on the phone plan. And those 'networks' are in fact built quite inefficiently, parallel and not connected to each other...

There is also Google Galaxy Nexus, that is very similar to Goalaxy S3 A very good phone, for $350, no contact. And with latest Android.