Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AI free ebook: Artificial Intelligence Now

Artificial Intelligence Now

Artificial Intelligence Now - O'Reilly Media

  • "The AI landscape: the platforms, businesses, and business models shaping AI growth; plus a look at the emerging AI stack
  • Technology: AI’s technical underpinnings and deep learning capabilities, tools, and tutorials
  • Homebuilt autonomous systems: "hobbyist" applications that showcase AI tools, libraries, cloud processing, and mobile computing
  • Natural language: strategies for scoping and tackling NLP projects
  • Use cases: an analysis of two of the leading-edge use cases for artificial intelligence—chat bots and autonomous vehicles
  • Integrating human and machine intelligence: development of human-AI hybrid applications and workflows; using AI to map and access large-scale knowledge databases"

The current state of machine intelligence 3.0.