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Pi: Personal AI; Mustafa Suleyman interview, book; Microsoft

Mustafa Suleyman: The AI Pioneer Reveals the Future in 'The Coming Wave' | Intelligence Squared - YouTube
Mustafa Suleyman is the ultimate AI insider. As co-founder of DeepMind and Inflection AI, he is one of the pioneers of the artificial intelligence revolution, potentially the single greatest accelerant of progress in history .Investors in Inflection AI include the likes of Microsoft, Nvidia and Bill Gates.

from transcript:

"over the last 10 years every single year the amount of compute
that we have used for The Cutting Edge AI models has grown by 10x so 10x 10x
10x 10x 10 times in a row now that is unprecedented in technology history
nowhere else have we seen a trajectory anything like that over the next five
years We'll add probably three or four orders of magnitude basically another thousand times the compute that you see
used today to produce gbt4 or the chat model that you might interact with..."

Inflection AI Introduces Pi, Your Personal AI

Pi ( A new class of AI, Pi is designed to be a kind and supportive companion offering conversations, friendly advice, and concise information in a natural, flowing style.

Pi, your personal AI

Mustafa Suleyman - Wikipedia

Mustafa Suleyman CBE (born August 1984) is a British artificial intelligence (AI) entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Microsoft AI, and the co-founder and former head of applied AI at DeepMind, an AI company acquired by Google.[1][2] After leaving DeepMind, he co-founded Inflection AI, a machine learning and generative AI company, in 2022.

Microsoft paid Inflection AI $620 million for the nonexclusive right to sell access to the Inflection AI model through its Azure Cloud over a multiyear period, the companies confirm. Microsoft paid an additional $33 million for a waver from claims against it related to hiring Inflection employees.

The company was founded by entrepreneurs Reid Hoffman, Mustafa Suleyman and KarΓ©n Simonyan in 2022. The company has collaborated with Nvidia to develop hardware for generative artificial intelligence.[7]

In June 2023, the company raised $1.3 billion USD at $4 billion valuation.[7]

In March 2024, Suleyman and Simonyan announced their departure from the company in order to start Microsoft AI

performance: One Billion Rows Challenge

strange thing: using strings where binary format would be much more appropriate...
anyway, interesting code challenge

The One Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) is intended to be a fun exploration of how far modern Java can be pushed for aggregating one billion rows from a text file. .

What is the 1BRC challenge?

Input: A text file containing temperature values for a range of weather stations. Each row is one measurement in the format <string: station name>;<float: measurement>.

Output: For each unique station, find the minimum, average and maximum temperature recorded and emit the final result on STDOUT in station name’s alphabetical order with the format {<station name>:<min>/<average>/<max>;<station name>:<min>/<average>/<max>}.

This article describes the nine solutions in Go, each faster than the previous. The first, a simple and idiomatic solution, runs in 1 minute 45 seconds on my machine, while the last one runs in 3.4 seconds.