Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Google "Anthos": managed K8S for GCP, AWS, Azure, on premise

Google’s hybrid cloud platform is coming to AWS and Azure | TechCrunch

Anthos (supports) AWS and Azure as well, so people get one way to manage their application and that one way works across their on-premise environments and all other clouds

So with Anthos, Google will offer a single managed service that will let you manage and deploy workloads across clouds, all without having to worry about the different environments and APIs

Anthos/Google Cloud Services Platform is based on the Google Kubernetes Engine, as well as other open-source projects like the Istio service mesh. It’s also hardware agnostic, meaning that users can take their current hardware and run the service on top of that without having to immediately invest in new servers.

Anthos is a subscription-based service, with the list prices starting at $10,000/month per 100 vCPU block."
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