Thursday, August 03, 2017

cloud: AWS Web Application Firewall

AWS Web Application Firewall: Bolt-on Security for Insecure Websites @ InfoQ

"Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a new feature from AWS which sits in front of your public website and protects it from malicious traffic. It works like a reverse proxy which inspects incoming HTTP requests looking for patterns that indicate suspicious activity. Good requests are passed onto your web application to handle, and bad requests are blocked. It's a tool which can potentially add a layer of security to an existing application without changing the app."

book: Augmented - Life in the Smart Lane

cover: Augmented-Life in the Smart Lane

Reforming your world: Augmented reality and virtual reality — Safari Learning Platform @O'Reilly

"Smartphones and the internet are the latest in a 250-year cycle of disruption that's changed the way we live and work, says Brett King, author of Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane—and augmented reality will disrupt us even further.
Ready to adapt? Because if history proves anything, you don't have much of a choice."

Augmented-Life in the Smart Lane [Book]

"Augmented is a book on future history, but more than that, it is a story about how you will live your life in a world that will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 250 years."

Brett King – Futurist

ASUS Launches ZenFone AR Unlocked In U.S. Starting At $599 |