Thursday, May 05, 2022

How to create AWS CloudFront distribution

from aws console (web)

Creating, updating, and deleting distributions - Amazon CloudFront

frim CLI

create-distribution — AWS CLI 2.6.2 Command Reference

Security/110-Serving-Web-Content-Securely-from-S3-with-CloudFront at main · AWSCookbook/Security

from CloudFormation

Amazon CloudFront template snippets - AWS CloudFormation

from Terraform

aws_cloudfront_distribution | Resources | hashicorp/aws | Terraform Registry

from JS SDK

CreateDistributionCommand | CloudFront Client - AWS SDK for JavaScript v3

CloudFront Client - AWS SDK for JavaScript v3

AWS SDK for JavaScript v3 docs

aws/aws-sdk-js-v3: Modularized AWS SDK for JavaScript. @GitHub

modular architecture with a separate package for each service. It also includes many frequently requested features, such as a first-class TypeScript support and a new middleware stack

First-class TypeScript support in modular AWS SDK for JavaScript | AWS Developer Tools Blog

from Go SDK

How to create a CloudFront distribution with AWS SDK for Go – Jibril Touzi – Principal Site Reliability Engineer & Cloud Solutions Architect

GoLang AST tools

Rewriting Go source code with AST tooling - Eli Bendersky's website

ast package - go/ast -

Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs) in Go | Eleni Fragkiadaki

Generate Go source code - Stack Overflow

To convert an AST to the source form one can use the go/printer package.

Golang AST Package - GoLang Docs

Basic AST Manipulation in Go - zupzup